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Fujitech Thin Client-SR 350 W

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Fujitech Thin Client-SR 350 W
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Answering the needs of our customer in Indonesia will for our work activities PT Fujitech NETWORK SOLUTIONS issued Thin Client latest SR, SR 350 and SR 350 W which is an evolution of the model SR 300 is more spectacular because of the presence of higher hardware specification, ie Dual-core Processor 1.5 GHz, Ram GB, 4 GB Flash Nan, HDMI with a more elegant design. Creating a lightweight access characteristics, high stability and comfort, That all can help minimize the access is not smooth, which also play a role in achieving superior performance.


Processor Intel Dual Core 1.5 Ghz
Ram: 1 GB
Flash Storage: 4 GB
OS Linux 2.6 Embedded
USB: 4 Port USB 2.0
Audio & Mic Port
VGA & HDMI Resolution 800x600 1920x1080px
Power Supply: 5V, 2A
Weight 200g
Dimension: W 105 X H 155 X D 20 mm
Wifi : YES

Fujitech Ltd. (Fujitech) is one of the leading high technology companies in Asia. Spanning a diversified range of modern electronic & computer products and with a strong R&D team, manufacturing, sales & service in our field of expertise, we are able to reach out to the world through our various regional offices worldwide. Focus With technology increasingly becoming an important part of lifestyle, old distinctions between work and play, young and old, etc. - will no longer apply in this new era


    Menggunakan RDP sistem untuk koneksi ke server
    Cukup satu kali instal software pada satu komputer, bisa bekerja pada aplikasi yang sama/ berbeda dalam waktu yang bersamaan tanpa saling mempengaruhi
    Sudah support semua operating sistem pada komputer servernya seperti WIN XP Pro, Vista Pro, Win 7 Ultimate, Win Server 2003/2008, semua support sistem x64 & x86, Linux
    Support media streaming
    Dual core Processor untuk prosesing cache yang lebih cepat dan tidak lag.
    anti lag system untuk Multimedia streaming
    Micro SD Storage Support dan 3rd Port USB for Flash Disk
    HDMI port untuk support resolusi full HD 1920 x 1080 p



    Processor Intel Dual Core 1 Ghz
    Ram: 512 Mb
    Flash Storage: 512 Mb
    OS Linux 2.6 Embedded
    USB: 3 Port USB 2.0
    Audio & Mic Port
    VGA & HDMI Resolution 800x600 – 1920x1080
    Power Supply: 5V, 2A
    Weight 200g


Dimension: W 164 X H 116 X D 32 mm

Isi Paket :

    Unit Thin Client
    CD driver dan User Manual

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